Brighter Days Are On The Way

Brighter Days Are On The Way

Heal your mind through depression counseling

If you want to move past this dark period in your life, come to a psychotherapy (or talk therapy) session. Talk therapy is effective because it allows you to express pent-up emotions and work toward changing your thoughts and behaviors. Don’t let depression continue to influence the course of your life. Call Mind Games, LLC today to schedule a talk therapy appointment.

Find strength in your community

The type of counseling you choose will depend on the specific issues you’re struggling with and your comfort level. I offer sessions for:

  • Individuals: Talk about your troubles in a safe, one-on-one environment.
  • Groups: Interact with others who are dealing with similar issues.
  • Women’s groups: Discuss problems regarding health, family and aging with other women.
Part of working through depression involves interacting with the community. To encourage this, I offer community-based activities on a weekly basis. We also do activities in group sessions to take the focus, momentarily, off of negative emotions.